Services - RFID

Services - RFID

Radio Frequency Identification

Employes a smart technology which an electronic tag and a reader operated in radio frequency range, exchange data via radio waves.

RFID tag

A RFID tag is a small electronic object with microchip which has a unique identification number saved in its memory. At the presense of a RFID reader operated in a compatible frequency range, the tag identifies itself to the reader through its unique identification number.

There are two types of tags:

(1) Active tags      
Has an internal power source to generate power which is needed to communicate with the reader. Long range reading distance and suitable to identify fast moving items and to locate an item or a person.

(2) Passive tags
Aquires power from the EM field of the reader to transmit the information.
When the tag is attached with a personal ID card or some kind of asset, that person or asset can be uniquely identified using RFID technology. No manual systems are required. Our RFID personal and asset tracking systems employes this smart technology to provide you the best, fast and affordable solution.

Our RFID solutions for personal tracking:

Student Tracking System

Each student and staff member has a RFID identification card, so that automated attendance system can be implemented in each entry/exit point. Students, teachers and other staff members are idenified separately and the system is instantly updated. Easy to access the data and to generate results. Find the position of a particular student inside the school at any moment. The readers placed in several places in the school area constantly monitor the position of the students. Parents can watch instantly through the web where your kid is at the school time.

Office Management System

Separate RFID ID cards for employees with different designations and visitors. Automated attendance recording system helps to generate results at the end of the month. Real time locating system helps to supervisers to find the required person at emergency. Implement automated access control system for restricted areas and get rid of additional security people. Our system saves your money, time and improves efficiency.

Hospital Management System

Tag the patients at the admittance and computerise their history, diagnosis and aproved medicine. Doctor can access the data any time by a hand held computer with a RFID reader and update the reports. No matter if the staff work in shift basis, no need to find assistance of other staff member to find the required information.

Real time locating system for patients and staff. Restrict access to drugs, pediatrics, and other high-threat areas to authorized staff.  Visitors do not want to waste their time to find the patient. Find the required doctor or nurse inside the hospital at emergency situations. No need of paper work and extremely convenient to manage such a busy environment.

Hotel and Event Management System

Take records of admittance and bill payments of the customers and issue a separate tag defining their offers. Do ticketing and booking in an efficient way to eliminate attendee flow bottlenecks.
Easy access control according to the payment of the customer at exhibitions,conferences,concerts,sporting events, leisure parks and trade shows.

Our RFID solutions for asset tracking:

Office Management Systems

Tag critical documents and valuable equipment and keep them in an ordered manar. Instantly find where they are and automatically monitor whether the correct equipment or document is with the correct person by comparing the tag ID numbers.

Hospital Management System

Track and find easily the location of drugs and instruments at emergency situations.

Supply Chain Management System

Tag the pallets, cases and also the items at the production. With this particular RFID-based solution, the forklift operator – not the warehouse management system, determines the storage location within the warehouse of each palletised load. Take inventories automatically while the cases pass the door of the warehouse. RFID readers with the ability of reading hundreds of tags simultaneuosly, will do the job for you.
Place readers in the delivery vehicles. No need to count, no chance to miss. Catch the fake items without your RFID tag at the market.

Container Yard Management System

Complete visibility of the movement of cargo and container at the yard.

Library Management System

Provide the patron an RFID membership card and tag the books with our RFID tags. Automate the check in- check out process and save your time. Stop all the unnecessary movements of the books implement an efficient theft detection system at the exit with our readers.