STV 9 Unit


STV 9 Unit

GPS watch tracker with software

GPRS tracking: Capable of text message (SMS) tracking & internet (GPRS) tracking
A SOS button for emergency help.

It can store three alarm phone numbers . You can press any one alarm number button to get help actively.
When you call it , you will get a position information including a link ,then if your mobile phone support GPRS function ,then you can enter the link to check your position by Google map real-time.

Listen in automatically when you call it.

Speeding alert for parents displaying the teenage driver’s behavior.

Two way communication and text message each other.

Bracelet/wrist tracker is a smallest GPS/GSM watch style tracker that is designed for personal / pet
positioning and emergency reporting. STV9 is suitable for many applications such as human body pet security etc. Instantly locate and report you position by using GPS, SMS/ GPRS solution, the pocket size is your best choice for remote positioning and security companion


Get current location
Tracking (by time interval, distance interval or
smart mode)
Emergency alarm
Waterproof design
Geo-fencing control
Battery power low alarm
Power management
User report alarm
GSM/GPRS simultaneously
Unit password setting
Support mobile phone mapping ( report
comes with Google map links,
Low Power notification
Weight: 40G
Battery: 900mah
Optional dog collar

STV 9 Unit

GPS watch tracker with software

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