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Smart Track (Pvt) Ltd. established in 2006, is a company under Green Lanka Group which is the exclusive agent for Evergreen Marine Corporation. We are experts in wireless security solutions like GPS/GPRS tracking, RFID tracking and 3G or GSM security camera systems.

Smart Track is the first Sri Lankan company approved by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka for RFID short distance tracking and indoor tracking, as well as GPS/GPRS outdoor tracking in long range for land, see and air.

Smart Track’s global strategic partner, Sparta Matrix International has over 40 strategic alliance partners over the world.

We are now partners of Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel and Sierra IT. We are ready to expand our strategic alliance partnership further.


• The communication module is the backbone of the application & it does all the communication between the control room and the vehicle tracking unit.

• This uses a proprietary messaging protocol while sending and receiving the message to ensure that data is transmitted in a highly secured manner while using a public network.

• This module uses the GPRS network for data transmission and for those areas where GPRS coverage is not available, it has SMS fall back mechanism.

Besides, the data for transmission between the unit and the backend control room this module helps in SMS query and SMS alerts.