Personal Tracking



STV9 Unit

GPS watch tracker with software

GPRS tracking: Capable of text message (SMS) tracking & internet (GPRS) tracking A SOS button for emergency help.

It can store three alarm phone numbers . You can press any one alarm number button to get help actively. When you call it , you will get a position information including a link ,then if your mobile phone support GPRS function ,then you can enter the link to check your position by Google map real-time.

STV10 Unit

GPS watch tracker without software

Screen: 1.49 inch TFT displaying with touch screen, bluetooth answering and data transmission. Supports MP3/MP4/record function.  Transmit data by USB line build-in watch strap.  With a memory capacity of 500 pieces telephone directories.

STV11 Unit

GPS Portable Box – for kids, pets, parcels, hiking, sports men

There are two types of protocols for STV11: SMS, another is GPRS(support TCP and UDP). The former is suitable for personal monitoring, the latter is suitable for center monitoring.

SMS type: means the tracker would send data back via short message.

STV12 Unit

Kids Tracking Unit

Based on GSM/GPRS and GPS, you can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or GPRS.