Services - GPS/GPRS

Services - GPS/GPRS


GPS Operational Constellation consists of 24 satellites that orbit the earth in 12 hours. Four GPS satellite signals are used to compute positions in three dimensions and the time offset in the receiver clock.

The system provides specially coded satellite signals that can be processed in a GPS receiver, enabling the receiver to compute position,velocity and time of an object.

Our GPS vehicle, personal and asset tracking systems employes this smart technology to provide you the best, fast and affordable solution. We customize the systems to meet your special requirements. Keep your loved ones always closer to you, watch your property with peace of mind and have a clear view of the entire business.

Our GPS/GPRS Solutions for vehicle tracking and navigation:

Watch the route of the vehicle live on a map with live updates of speed, location, mileage and fuel level. Have a history play of the route of the vehicle and easily find out where it was and its previous state.Call the driver any time you want with the two way communication system.

Set alarms and controls and get noticed via SMS when something is going wrong. Set a geo fence to define  a restricted area and be noticed when the vehicle is entering the area. It’s easy, reliable and cost effective way to watch your fleet and save your fuel, money and time.

Smart Track provides marine tracking units with same capabilities. Easy way to find out the way of your boat. Set a geo fence and keep the boat inside the Sri Lankan sea teritorry. Both the sailer and the owner are acknowledged when the boat is losing its way.

We have systems suitable for any kind of vehicle, heavy or light weight and the systems can be customized to match your needs. Temprature sensors for vehicles transporting sensitive items, tyre pessure sensors and capability of taking photographs inside the vehicle instantly, specially important for public tranportation services.

Our GPS/GPRS Solutions for personal tracking and navigation:

We take you beyond just finding your position by GPS. Find the way to your destination, entertain your self with latest multimedia technologies, take a phone call from a normal wrist watch and ease your life with all in one gadjets.

Watch the movement of your child after he or she leaves the home, from anywhere you are. Feel safe with our cost effective, reliable products. Our services helps busy parents to keep their kids closer to them.

Our GPS/GPRS Solutions for asset tracking:

Track the way of your valuable assets after they leave the warehouse or container yard. We have suitable systems to track cargo transpotation inside or outside the country. You will have total visibility of movements of your valuable assets. Have the ability of taking right decisions at right time and improve the efficiently of your business.