STV 15 Unit


STV 15 Unit

Navigation unit

The STV15 is a mobile GPS & GPRS system, bundled with GPS navigation, GPS tracking,  mobile computer, and multimedia functionality. It can not only provide navigation and entertainment, but also support push e-mail, 2 way voice, push news, multi-media, surf the internet, and real time tracking solution while working with the fleet management tracking software platform.


1.  5.0 inch TFT LCD display

2.  Palm computer style with light weight

3.  Support MP4/MP3, WMA, WMV, AVI, ASF

4.  Touch screen, with keypad operation interface

5.  Internet access, phone, navigation, tracking, Navteq trial map and optional worldwide map and real time tracking.

6.  Compatible with fleet management software

7.  Two way voice communication, phone function by GPRS/GSM. Answered calls can be listened by hand-free or by headphones, dial by soft keyboard or by voice-activated commands. Can send and receive SMS message.

8.  Can receive and send e-mail by internet, document edition. Very convenient for the persons who are on business or traveling.

9.  Point to point navigation, accuracy 10 meters.

10. Voice transmission via GPRS.

STV 15 Unit

Navigation unit