STV 1 Unit


STV 1 Unit

(Live tracking, history tracking, fuel cut, geo fence, compatible with car security alarms)

The STV1 is small in size but powerful GPS, GSM/GPRS vehicle tracking device suitable for fleet management, car security. Built-in battery (800 mAh) provides power for long lasting operation; no need of external power. Instantly log on the data of 100,000 waypoints.

PCB is designed to bear any kind of weather and shocks, remote engine cut, geo fence, supports smart track PC based software  and  web based software. With its compact and small size( 2.2 x 5.2 x 7cm), easy installation inside the vehicle. GPS modules: U-blox GPS module and Philip GPRS module.


1. Real time GPS report

Fixed time report.
Vehicle ID.
fixed time/distance report.
Mileage report.
Vehicle status report:
Ignition on/off report.
Report upon request.
Intelligent vehicle moving report.
Intelligent vehicle stopping report.
Enforced GPRS report update.
Keep Alive GPRS connection.
GPS storage when GPRS disconnected,
and forward when connection regains.
Back up positioning by GSM base station when
GPS is not available.
Support GPRS and SMS.

2. Alarm & Alarm Report

Emergency report
Carjacking alarm
SOS Cry for help rescue report
Automatically arming
SIM card taking off alarm (new)
Main power disconnecting alarm
Low voltage alarm
Vehicle moving alarm in arming mode
Geo-fencing alarm report
GPS antenna cut report
GPS antenna connect report
Speeding report
Geofence alarm report

3. Control

Immobilization of vehicle engine
Position update
Cut engine fuel
Recover engine fuel
Recover alarm
Clear logged data
Re-set tracker

4. Remote & Onside Setting

Set time interval
Set distance report
Set speed limit
Set data logging time interval
Data-log upload numbers
Data-log time periodical upload
Set geofence

STV 1 Unit

(Live tracking, history tracking, fuel cut, geo fence, compatible with car security alarms)

STV 2 Unit

(Fuel tracking, two way voice, live photo, temperature sensor, door sensor, live/history tracking, geo fence, bonnet sensor, each reports daily and monthly)

STV 3 Unit

(Fuel tracking with vehicle’s real fuel sensor or from external fuel sensor, RFID reader with passive cards and tags, barcode scanner, CCTV night vision camera, two way voice communication and tyre pressure display )

STV 4 Unit

Water proof GPS tracking solution for asset / heavy equipment and motorcycle