STV 5 Unit


STV 5 Unit

GPS asset tracking for container

STV5 is a new design concept of the GPS monitoring products, integrated design with new technology, built-in battery and GPS, GSM antenna; shell waterproof design, with a unique magnet design, as long as the location of adsorption can be strong on installation. This product is suitable for container trucks, motorcycles, rental cars, all kinds of ships, etc. Use for special moving objects.


1. Status
Moon status detection, terminal removal detection, guard, low battery detector, over speed.

2. Alarms
Removal of terminal defense alarm, guard alarm, low battery alarm, geo-fence alarm, over speed alarm, GPS receiver fault alarm.

3. 108 property area: rectangular area can be set to 108 (of which 20 can be set polygon area), each region can be set the different attributes, flexible definition of electronic fences, riot zone, speeding
and other functions, support a variety of conditions combined to set.

4. Geofencing

5. Explosion-proof function: to set the explosion area, into the explosion zone automatic shut down GSM, GSM automatically open when out of explosion area.

6. An-removal alarm: When the terminal is illegal to remove, can quickly send the alert to the center automatically.

7. Mileage statistics, 95% accuracy.

8. Blind repay functions, cache 500 (point) location information. GPRS dropped calls, phone call, data compression into the cache, restore complex immediately after the transfer, do not lose the data.

9. Built–in memory for data logging of 100,000 waypoints

10. Self-service functions
Car tracking by mobile, cell phone self-service alarm (alarm message sent to mobile phones), mobile phone remote control: turn off the engine and restore oil and electricity.

11. Back up poisoning by GSM base station when GPS is not available

12. GPRS / SMS (command, data) in parallel

13. Supports both TCP and UDP mode

14. GPRS automatic redial, always online.

15. Over speed alarm

16. built-in high capacity lithium polymer battery can be fully operational 48 hours.

17. Sleep mode function

STV 5 Unit

GPS asset tracking for container

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